Helpful Hints For Yearbook Advisors

Yearbook pretty much comes with a ready made audience of students, teachers, parents and others. However, that does not mean you should let down on the flow of creativity that goes into producing it. Even though you may receive advance orders from eager purchasers, you still have to make wise decisions along the way if the end product is going to deliver on the expectations of that audience. Careful planning will lead to happy customers and a satisfied student body. These tips can help ensure that the desired outcome is met.

#1 Carefully plan early on who will be publishing the yearbook. Problems will only add up if you put this decision off. While it is true that the school likely has information from previous years, there is simply no substitute for getting quotes from various yearbook companies to make sure that you are getting the best rates and maintaining quality as well.

Requesting samples along with quotes from a variety of companies will help guide you in the selection process. There are some well known companies that have been providing this service for a long time, but there is no excuse for taking it for granted that you are getting what you want without carefully examining what is being offered. Be sure to set a budget and ask about any upgrade costs before making your final decision.

#2 Plan how your yearbook will look. Looks are everything to most students, so you have to make sure that your school yearbook has an appealing appearance and that the contents hold lots of memories for everyone. As the advisor, it is your responsibility to make sure that all elements are tied together with the theme of the yearbook. Along with that, all of the student body must be represented even if only a small percentage participates in certain activities.

#3 Determine how you will collect required data for completing your middle school yearbook. Coordinate with the yearbook company that is printing your book as to the type of format that is compatible with their printers. If your editors are not familiar with the required software, take time to educate them to this process. You can also do a test run to insure that the publisher receives sample pages from you accurately.

#4 Meeting deadlines is critical if you are going to have a successful yearbook produced on time. in order to do this, you will need to set timelines for the creation of specific elements of the book. Encourage your team to turn in artwork, copy and photographs early so that there is no distress when the deadline gets near. Making sure each team member understands the due dates for their portion of the project will go a long way in staying on top of this issue. By managing the process of yearbook development you will be helping to preserve memories in your school’s yearbook.


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