Going Interactive with Navy Cruise Book

Navy Cruise Books

Most Navy cruise books are done in the traditional paper-and-ink format. This is, of course, all well and good considering that the experience of turning the pages, touching the photos, and reminiscing the good old times with a cruise book in hand is incomparable even in the digital age. But you may want to be in the digital age so a different yet complementary tack needs to be taken when it comes to publishing your next cruise books.

It must first be emphasized that, in this tack, the traditional Navy cruise books remain intact. DVDs, CDs and websites may be of little to no use in the golden years of the servicemen but ink-and-paper cruise books are certainly handy to have in more ways than one. So, keep the traditional Navy cruise book as part of the package but include any or all of the following digital age ideas.

First, add an interactive CD or DVD to the package. It can contain most of the contents found in the ink-and-paper cruise books, thus, making it easy for the tech-savvy servicemen to enjoy on their own as well as with their family and friends. Just place the CD or DVD on a laptop or a player and voila! A trip down memory lane the digital age way is in the works.

Second, add a website to the package. Either the DVD or the Navy cruise books – or both – can contain the links to the website. This way, you can let members of your family and circle of friends see and enjoy the photos, articles and descriptions on your cruise book even when they are far away. Just let them open the website and virtually everything on the cruise book is contained there.

Again, in both instances, the traditional Navy cruise books must remain for the abovementioned reasons. In fact, the traditional ink-and-paper cruise book should be the basis for both the interactive DVD and the website – no traditional cruise book, no digital age cruise book, we always say.

Well, you can also have an enjoyable interactive experience even with a traditional navy cruise book. It takes a bit of imagination to do so but it is the way servicemen have performed interactivity with pen and paper, not with mouse and keyboard.

How? It’s simple – on your Navy cruise book, jot down your thoughts about the photos, the articles and the descriptions. Using your trusty pen, write down your personal memories of the photos including the persons and places beside, over and under these pictures.

Make your own captions on the photos. Become a book critic albeit in a good way. Record your memories for future generations to enjoy. This is interactivity as its best because you can control what you write, where you write it, and how to write it.

Just try not to mess things up, however, because cruise books contain the history of the navy and of your unit. You want to respect such history while remembering your part in it. Try to write neatly and sparingly.

In the end, the best Navy cruise books tell the story not just of the ship but of the men and women who sailed with her. Get your story on these books, too!

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