Going Digital with Yearbook Covers

In the olden days, yearbook covers were conceptualized and designed by artists’ hands.

Design your yearbook cover using digital tools

Times have changed, thanks to the fast advancements in computers and their applications as well as in the Information Superhighway – the Internet.

Nowadays, most yearbook covers are conceptualized, designed and printed via digital means. Even elementary school students can use computer applications, which can be found either in downloaded format on their home computers, in online sites specializing in design, and in many a yearbook company as part of their services. These applications are easy to use, convenient to access and deliver faster results, not to mention better artwork, too, because of the sophisticated tools.

Benefits to Expect

When you are designing possible yearbook covers using digital technology, many other benefits come your way. Take a look.

• You can work anytime, anywhere on the yearbook layout, covers and content just as long as you have your laptop. Just be sure to save the revisions so that you can keep track of the changes and then be able to choose the best one later on.

• You have the opportunity to collaborate with others on the possible yearbook covers. Share your files with others and then work on the yearbook together even when you are halfway across town – or the world, for that matter. That’s what social bookmarking, file sharing and e-mailing are for.

• You have several tools including applications to make the yearbook cover perfect. The trick is in choosing the right one for your yearbook now. Think of tools that can enhance texts, mix colors and generally just make your yearbook cover the best ever, so far.

Yes, of course, you can always use your artistic skills in designing your yearbook covers. These digital tools should be used to make your job easier by adding enhancements at the click of a mouse but these are not designed to take over your creative side, far from it.

You may even draw by hand your initial ideas for the yearbook cover, scan these copies and work from thereon on the computer. Add flourishes, make text stand out or recede into the background, mix and match colors – just about anything that you cannot easily do by hand without erasers and the like. This is obviously true for other aspects of the work such as the yearbook layout itself where you can experiment with the text (font and its size) and photos (crop or zoom) as well as their placement on the pages.

Online Tools to Use

Aside from their uses in designing yearbook covers, these online digital tools can also be used for other purposes, all in the interest of making the best yearbook to date. Keep in mind that designing the cover is just aspect of managing the entire yearbook publishing process.

You must try online tools that allow for:

• Online conferencing
• Online gallery
• File transfer
• Online marketing and shopping for the yearbook

The entire yearbook committee can even agree on a dedicated online yearbook site where the content for the yearbook can be placed, where deadlines can be coordinated, and where plans can be tracked.

Indeed, why go back to the olden days of designing yearbook covers when you have the benefit of online digital tools?

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