Getting Your Navy Cruise Books From Yearbook Companies

There are always options when it comes to publishing your ship’s navy cruise books for the year. Whether you’re wanting to capture the last year at sea, or just the everyday antics of life in your unit, you will need a place that it can be published when you’re done designing it. Yearbook publishing companies are an often little-considered alternative for this possibility, but they shouldn’t be so easily overlooked.


Often, units will turn to traditional photography book printers for their cruise books to be published by. These companies are often expensive, and rarely offer discounts for bulk purchases. What you need to look for is a yearbook publishing company that can do your navy cruise books justice while still giving you the affordability that you require in the publishing process.


Small yearbook publishing companies are commonly overlooked for this process, although they shouldn’t be. A small company, one that specializes in printing small amounts of books, can give you exactly what you need for your cruise books without incurring all the extra costs associated with larger companies.


The details that you should look for in a yearbook publishing company are simple. For starters, you probably don’t require all that many navy cruise books to be published for your unit. Search for a publisher who can handle orders that are smaller. Many companies start with publishing as few as 25 books, which eliminates the need for you to waste time trying to find a use for the extra books that larger companies would require you to buy in order to go to print.


You should likewise look for yearbook publishers who can get your books to your ship, regardless of where it is in the world. Some companies specialize in getting their publications to even remote areas, which does make it easier to get the books to the next port your ship is due in at.


Another common problem with publishing navy cruise books is getting the draft of the book to look just right. Despite how well you designed the book, seeing it in the flesh before placing your order does make it a lot easier to catch mistakes and to make sure that everything is printed exactly as you need it to be. Make sure the yearbook publishing company you select offers this option to you as well.


Follow with the tradition of navy cruise books, and use your choice in yearbook publishing companies to get exactly the look and design that you are going for. By using a yearbook publishing company as your cruise book creator, you will probably get free end sheets as well, which will give you room for the traditional autographs and friendly exchanges that make the cruise book such a delight for everyone in your unit to have. After all, if you’re going to hold to cruise book tradition, you may as well make sure it’s a tradition that is done justice to.

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