Getting Your Inspiration for Potential Yearbook Covers

Yearbook covers are of great significance in encouraging potential advertisers and buyers to part with their money in support of the annual publications. Every cover has several purposes in this regard including communicating the school’s personality and achievements as well as introducing the yearbook’s theme.

Yearbook covers range from the bold to the mundane

In this regard, you must solicit yearbook ideas related to the cover for the year’s publication and then be inspired by these suggestions. You will find that the more ideas you have in store as submitted by the student body and by the faculty, the more inspired you will become in your final choice. Your yearbook covers will be smash hits, year in and year out!

Go from the Inside Out

You may have started on the contents of the yearbook (i.e., text information, photos and layout) while waiting for the cover inspiration to strike. In this case, you can browse through its initial contents and be inspired by a quote, a photo, or a story that will eventually become the idea around which the cover revolves on.

For example, one of the most memorable school-related stories of the year is the fun walk that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for a charitable cause. The possible yearbook covers will then be a pair of sneakers with the students’ names forming its white soles and shoelaces or a stylized logo of helping hands with the students’ names forming the hands.

Go for Recognizable School Elements

This is the oldest yet still the most effective of all yearbook ideas because the entire image on the yearbook cover speaks for itself while also speaking to the hearts and minds of its target readers (i.e., students, alumni and teachers). Besides, each school takes pride in its symbols, logos and crests as well as its mascots so it makes sense to include these aspects in all the yearbook covers.

Just be sure to position these recognizable school elements in such a way that each one occupies a place of honor, so to speak. It simply will not do to cram all the possible yearbook ideas into a single publication because then everything looks disjointed, to say the least. It’s the same way with yearbook covers, too.

You can always add the photo of the school’s adorable mascot on the inside pages while the school crest and motto occupies the place of honor on the cover. It may also be that the outline of the school logo contains one or two recognizable elements within its outlines. For example, a Viking head outline can be filled with pictures of the mascot alongside the school crest for maximum effect without cluttering the cover.

Go for Balance

This is arguably the most important tip when choosing from several potential yearbook covers – good balance between imagery and text. Of course, basic information including the name of the school, academic year and batch name should be included on the cover to establish its ownership, in a manner of speaking. You can then use your creativity in putting other textual information, photos and imagery on the cover.

As with most aspects of the yearbook, you should make a draft then make the necessary revisions for as many times as possible. Keep in mind that yearbook covers are your first step in selling the publications.

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