Yearbook Website – Getting Yearbook Ideas Via Social Bookmarking

You have heard it before – the Internet is a goldmine of yearbook ideas. These ideas, inspirations and insights come from several sources including but not limited to social networking sites, official yearbook websites of publishers of yearbooks, and even complete annuals uploaded to personal yearbook websites. The possibilities are, indeed, limitless.

Organize your yearbook brainstorming ideas with “social bookmarks”

From among all the online sites and tools available for compiling yearbook ideas, the most effective is perhaps social bookmarking. Read on and find out why.

Social Bookmarking Explained

Just in case you have yet to hear of it, social bookmarking refers to tagging specific yearbook websites and then saving these sites for later use. Keep in mind that the bookmarked websites are saved to the web, not just the web browser, which means that you can easily share these sites with your social media network including your co-members in the school yearbook committee.

Social Bookmarking Benefits

Social bookmarking is useful in compiling yearbook ideas in so many ways. First, you can save the yearbook websites where you found the inspirations, insights and ideas for your future yearbooks. You will then be able to share these sites with your friends and discuss the merits of the ideas for your planned school yearbook via online chats and emails.

This works the other way, too. You will also be able to see the yearbook websites that your friends tagged as part of your collective efforts to compile yearbook ideas. You can then browse through the tagged yearbook websites based on categories like fashion, technology, and the arts as well as through items like most popular and recently added, all of which translates to an easier time sifting through the wheat and the chaff of ideas for your school yearbook.

Second, you have the benefit of several social bookmarking tools that will be of great help during creation of the yearbook. In fact, these tools can be used from the start of the process (i.e., compilation of the yearbook ideas) to the end (i.e., marketing and selling the finished yearbooks in online sites to targeted individuals).

Third, you can narrow down your search for inspirations, ideas and insights into the yearbook. This is especially true when social bookmarking is coupled with social news because both allows for specific targeting of what you want to see exactly. No more searching for the proverbial needle in the digital haystack.

You would be a fool – no offense intended – not to harness the potentials of social bookmarking for compiling and choosing from among yearbook ideas. Besides, you are online now just by reading this article so you may as well use social bookmarking for your own purposes.

Social Bookmarking Sites

You have many social bookmarking sites to choose from for your yearbook ideas. Think of Stumble Upon, Delicious, Digg and Redditt, among others. All of these sites offer free membership programs so you need not worry about costs.

We suggest using Pinterest, the latest social bookmarking buzz. Basically, you use it as a virtual pin board similar to the mood boards or inspiration boards of fashion designers, arts and crafts enthusiasts, and artists where you can “pin” texts, photos and images that inspire your inner yearbook designer.

Now that you know, get started on getting your yearbook ideas from social bookmarking sites now and then present the team with your inspirations!

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