Fun Yearbook Section Ideas

Your yearbook does not have to row after boring row of smiling heads, split up with a few shots of the class presidents and prom queen. Yearbook design can be fun; it should be fun. Add a little color, some fun and personality to your yearbook with some fun sections. These ideas can be adapted for a high school yearbook, middle school yearbook and even elementary yearbooks. So go ahead; have fun!


Time Capsule

This section should highlight the trends and special events of the time. Make it reflect the things that happened during the school year. If a space shuttle orbited Venus or something, you want to have a blurb about that. If an iconic movie star or music star passes away, you might want to mention that. Note the number one song for the graduation year, including rock, country, pap, you get the idea. You can also note the top movies. Also include photos of the trendy styles that everyone was wearing. But most of all, have fun.


Sign of the Times

This is similar to time capsule, but it falls more to the trendy side. Have photos of students wearing the current trends from sunglasses to outfits to driving the latest car. Think of your school year. What symbols or things are iconic in your mind so that years later you will see a certain car or outfit and instantly you will think of your school days.


Faculty Behaving Badly

Capture your teachers and staff acting funny. Be respectful and don’t shoot them doing things that would cause embarrassment or make them uncomfortable. Remember to be respectful, but if you have a fun teacher who likes to deliver his lectures while standing on his desk, or a teacher who likes to dress in costume for her classes, it would be fun to capture them in action.


Express Yourself

Have students submit writing, art, poetry and other creative projects and print them in a section of the yearbook. You can choose a theme, such as “What does the Future Hold?” or just ask for submissions with no direction. Whatever the case, your classmates will love it!


A Day in the Life

Follow a student, or several students, and photograph them as they prepare for school, from waking up to getting ready, doing their hair, eating breakfast to getting on the bus. Follow them throughout the day in different classes, to lunch, to whatever they do after school, then home and to bed. Get snapshots of different moments and post them in a section along with witty commentary.

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