First Ever Yearbook Pinterest Contest for Yearbook Clubs and Yearbook Printing

Expressly-Yours Yearbooks has recently launched our Ways to Remember Homecoming Pinterest contest, and has plans for a series of such Pinterest contests as the school year unfolds.

Do you want some ideas how to capture homecoming in your yearbook? Jump in to our Pinterest contest, now through Thanksgiving!

The idea for launching a contest on Pinterest came about as a result of peers of ours, in other industries, who have been amazed by the creativity that Pinterest users deploy, and our reaction being, naturally, “You should see the creativity of our yearbook customers!”    The first contest will focus on Homecoming, as it is timely and so iconic when one thinks of school memories that will fade away unless they are preserved.


Pinterest, for our blog followers who are not aware, is an online social media website, where users create as many virtual corkboards (“Pinboards”) as they want, typically organized along themes important to their life.  As example, someone who is in the yearbook club and interested in quality yearbook printing might create Pinboards entitled “Fall Yearbook Ideas” or “Great Yearbook Quotes.”   It is a way to store images online that can be found later for future reference.  The beauty of Pinterest is that these “pinboards” are public, so you can virtually look over the shoulder of another Pinner and “repin” an image of theirs that you might want to return to.   If you want to be kept informed of that user’s choices, you can choose to follow them on Pinterest, so your opening homepage will include their most recent pins.


While participants in Expressly-Yours Yearbooks Homecoming Pinterest contest cannot speak with us directly (via the Pinterest contest – we are always just a phone call or email away, though!), our pinboards are examples that we hope will inspire you in your creation of a Homecoming yearbook spread and/or make sure that you do not forget to send your yearbook photographers to capture key events surrounding homecoming.

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