How do I meet with a Sales Rep?

Our customer service representatives are capable of helping you over the phone or through the internet.

  • Our main phone number is 1-877-552-5047
  • Other ways to reach our customer service

How do I find out how much my yearbooks will cost?

We are happy to quote your book. Please fill out this quote request form, and we will send you a formal proposal which becomes a contract once you sign it and fax it back to us.

I only need 40 books. Is that too few for you to print? Will they be too expensive?

We specialize in short-run printing. That means our state-of-the-art technology allows us to print your books with the same great quality and affordability as the bigger jobs. And our focus is on smaller schools and groups that, until now, had to pay a premium just to print a yearbook. Our minimum is just 25 books!

Do you offer endsheets? Do they cost extra?

We include six blank pages in each hard cover book, three in the front and three at the back. These endsheets are blank sheets of high-quality paper inserted in every book we print at no charge. Most students utilize these sheets when writing notes and signatures in each other’s books.

Is the Yearbook Fusion software free?

There is a minimal annual licensing fee that will be charged to the school based on the size of your school. Call one of our sales reps at 1-877-552-5047 to discuss pricing.

Cover and Binding

Can the image on my hard-covered book be of any size?

For foil stamping, your image should be 50% of the cover size. As an example, with a standard size yearbook, the image might be about 7″x 7″ or 5″x 9″. A larger image would require a larger “die.” We can send you a quote for a larger die if needed.

For a full color cover on your hard cover book, please send us a design with an extra 1.5 inches of image “bleed” on all sides. This will wrap around the edges of your book, creating a professional looking cover. For a typical book of 8.5 x 11 inches, we need an image that is:

  • For a front cover only: 10 x 14 inches.
  • To wrap around front and back covers: 20 x 14 inches.

What is Personalization?

Personalization makes each yearbook completely unique, because we place each student’s individual name on the cover of their yearbook. Not only does this make it easy to hand out and keep track whose book you have, but it also turns  the book into a very special keepsake. There will never be another just like it!

Printing Process

How do I send you my finished files?

When you finish creating your book, you’ll want to send us your files. The easiest thing to do is to send us your files by clicking on this link: https://dropbox.yousendit.com/ExpressPressTransfer

Our “point, click, print” software creates a perfect PDF for our use, and ensures that the layout we send you (as a proof) is exactly the one that you created.

Even if you don’t use our “point, click, print” option, PDF is the file type we prefer to receive. To send us your PDF file, we will work with you to upload the file to our servers. The uploading process is simple, free, and quick. If you want to mail us the files on a DVD or flash drive, we are happy to accommodate you. However, please make sure to add this extra shipping time into your total production schedule.

Will I receive a proof?

Yes. However, remember that it is your job to check and double-check your file for the content. The purpose of creating a proof is to reassure you that the overall content and look is what you anticipated. You should receive your proof within 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your artwork. As you read through your proof, if you notice additional changes that you’d like made, we are happy to make them. If you would like a second proof, showing these new revisions, this costs $150.00. A second proof may also delay your production schedule.

How long is the total production time?

Please allow 4-5 weeks from receipt of the electronic files including receiving the press proof. We expect you to approve the press proof within 24 hours of receiving it, in order to stay on schedule.

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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