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The yearbook and high school have become synonymous over the years. A yearbook is a creative and fun way to memorize special moments and events that took place in a school year. It is a creative keepsake that holds fond memories of school times and activities. Previously, yearbooks were a reserve of a few rich private schools as well as big public schools that had the means to avail yearbooks to their students.


Expressly Yours offers flexible yearbook publishing to all schools, regardless of size. We’ve received a lot of clients that run away from their old publisher because they didn’t offer them the flexibility to meet today’s changing needs. Our publishing services cater to large schools as well as smaller schools.


The Publishing Process

Putting together a complete yearbook is no easy task. We understand that if you’ve been charged with that task there are many challenges you’ll meet, including finding the right yearbook publisher. Our vast publishing experience enables us to offer the best advice and guidance to groups that have been assigned the task of creating a yearbook.


Expressly Yours has published a range of yearbooks over the years, from the classic types where students are split into grades to the homeschooling types that prefer to split students according to family, among others. Collage pages are popular in many yearbook layouts as they make for better page utilization while keeping things fun.


We also understand that you’d like to be as creative as possible, so we’re not rigid. You can make your book as small or as large as you please. In addition, you can personalize your yearbook in any way you deem fit. We offer lots of money saving options such as having the yearbook printed by yourself and then we simply finish it for you.


How Long Does It Take To Deliver?


Timely delivery is undoubtedly a major concern for a lot of people as it’s not easy to find a yearbook publisher that lives up to their billing as far as timely delivery is concerned.


Typically, the end of year period is chock-full of activity yet most schools want those events to be included in the yearbook. At the same time, you want to get your yearbook in the same school year. You can count on Expressly Yours yearbook publishing to meet the tightest of deadlines. We ensure that we work with our customers right from the planning phase through to delivery. Typically, our delivery time frames don’t exceed 4 weeks, but of course, the earlier we get a commitment from you, the better for everyone.


Expressly Yours is happy to welcome you as our new customer and we’ll be glad to provide you the best yearbook publishing service. Just peruse our publishing plans to see what suits your needs.

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