Encourage Your School to Become Involved with Yearbooks

Memories to remember in yearbooks provide a wonderful documentation of events that happened in a particular year at school. This allows the students, who purchase them to look back over the year and reminisce about all the fun they had at school. However, there is another beneficial aspect to a school becoming involved in a yearbook.


Different ideas this can also bring the students together to create the yearbook. When the kids are old enough, they can be part of the yearbook staff that collects the photos, writes the copy and so on, for what is placed in the yearbook. This gives the students a sense of pride in their accomplishment, when these books arrive from the company that is doing the Yearbook Printing.


There are so many areas of the school that are covered in the yearbooks from the sports teams to the debating team. At least this holds true for high school and college ones. The nice thing is that even if other grade-levels of schools bring out these books, the content can be altered to fit each school. This is one argument that can be used for getting a school interested in publishing a yearbook.


Feel nicely students further gain a sense of camaraderie, once they receive their yearbook, as they have each other sign their books. Sometimes even people that are not close friends will leave nice statements in the books. This allows everyone to feel nicely about each other and the year at school.


Another thing to talk up when trying to encourage your school to become involved in these books is the fact that the cost for printing is recouped because the students purchase the books ahead of printing in most cases. A school just has the students place their orders for yearbooks far in advance of actually having them printed. This helps the school know how many copies to order (it may order a few extra copies for those students who could not pay up front at the time of pre order) and have most, if not all the money to pay for the books.


These are just some of the things you can use to talk your school into ordering yearbooks. Most schools understand the importance of these books, but you now have some help if your school officials do not understand. Good luck with your efforts.

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