Elementary Yearbook Page Layouts

When you are preparing the yearbook page arrangements for the younger crowd, you have to keep the attention spans of elementary students in mind. While teachers are often the ones who put this yearbook together, they will end up facing completely different challenges from those of a yearbook constructed by students at higher levels. Because of this, a completely different approach is needed for the yearbook construction.

You won’t have any trouble getting employees to stick to the yearbook templates and design specifications that the school has chosen. In fact, the teachers who are constructing the elementary school yearbook may well be happy to choose the overall design for themselves. The problems that come with a yearbook for such a young audience aren’t in design, but rather in sales and holding young student’s interest. Both of these are problems that every elementary school yearbook staff faces each year.

At the elementary age, yearbooks are a tough sell. The parents of your students rarely see third grade as something that needs to be remembered via a yearbook purchase. Even those parents who do end up making the purchase rarely do so for their children’s sake. They see the yearbook more as a memento of their child’s yearly progress through school.

If you are wanting to increase your yearbook sales, this is the angle that you should pursue with the parental crowd. These parents will want yearbook page arrangements that showcase their children’s grades and achievements. This means that a more traditional layout will be expected, with less of a focus on school parties and more on clubs, organizations, and achievements. You will be recording perfect attendance, straight A’s, and class photographs instead of the pattern that is used with higher educational designs.

However, these elements need to be mixed in with templates that provide the color and attention grabbing features that the young students are wanting to see as well. Elementary students with short attention spans do not yet understand the powerful memories that the yearbook contains. They look at the black and white photographs and the repeating pattern on pages and quickly lose interest.

To counter this, you will need to add some colorful elements on each page. Modern yearbook designs don’t charge that much more for color photographs interspersed among the usually black and white photos. The addition of such colorful elements in your yearbook page arrangements will give the pages more of an exciting and captivating appearance.

Another way that you can get your elementary students to enjoy your school’s yearbook design is by using page templates that are designed for younger students. Elementary school yearbook page arrangements are available from most professionally operated yearbook design companies. By sticking to designs that provide a lot of white space and lots of room for colorful photographs, your students will find themselves appearing more frequently in the yearbook itself. That, and the pictures of their friends, will help to keep their interest more than any other approach can.

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