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Traditionally, parents have the option of buying a dedication page on their kids’ elementary school yearbooks, a feature not available in military cruise books for obvious reasons. If you are one of such eager parents, you are well-advised indeed to think carefully about the quotes you use on the dedication page. Even elementary school pupils nowadays are as embarrassed as their high school counterparts about all-too-public parental show of support as immortalized in a yearbook.

dedication for your elementary school yearbook

Writing a dedication for your child’s elementary school yearbook? Don’t embarrass them!

But you will still want to write your dedications on your kids’ elementary school yearbooks for posterity’s sake. Just keep these quotes in mind while composing your dedications and you should be just fine in your kids’ eyes.

Read the Guidelines for Elementary School Yearbooks Quotes

The committee behind the yearbook usually issue general guidelines regarding the dedication pages for parents. These guidelines are in place to ensure that dedications are appropriate for elementary school pupils in terms of text, photos and images.

For example, you will want to avoid placing photos of your child in his bathing suit on the dedication page or using inappropriate language. You must also refrain from using copyrighted images and slogans lest the school also get into trouble for copyright infringement.
Keep in mind, too, that elementary school yearbooks reflect the school’s personality. You must then respect such personality while also injecting your own brand of family humor, show of support, and expressions of love.

Address Your Child in a Personal Way

Since your dedication is an excellent way to personalize the yearbook, you should obviously address it directly to the person – your child. Using typical salutations like “Dear” or “Dearest” may be too formal since these used in business correspondence, too. Your best bet then is to start the dedication with greetings like:

• My sweet Adele
• My darling daughter, Adele
The aim here is to keep it personal from the very start. Many elementary school yearbooks are already generic and general in content without your dedication being buried in said content. To do so:
• Write an inside family joke that holds so many good memories. You need not explain the joke because then it will not be an inside joke; just include a reference or hint.
• Include a personal experience about her schooling such as you crying while dropping him off while he was excited.
• Personalize your congratulations by including one or two specific examples.

And of course, you must sign your dedication.

Place a Collage of Photos

Photos are great additions to dedications because of their sentimental values. Just make sure to choose a photo that will not embarrass your child in front of his friends during school reunions. Stay away from photos showing birthday suits, funny expressions, and odd poses.
Since elementary school yearbooks include only photos taken in formal poses for the individual profiles and candid shots in school settings, you can add your personal collection of photos to the dedication page. Your best action is to organize the best photos into a collage using software like Photoshop.

Before sending off your separate dedications for your kids’ elementary school yearbooks, be sure to review and select the advert packages available. Take note that the cost of each package can considerably vary due to the allotted space, the layout, and the positioning.

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