Elementary School Yearbooks

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Hi.  My name is David Clar, President of Expressly Yours Yearbooks.  Do you think yearbooks are just for older kids?  Think again.  Elementary schools are now offering yearbooks for their students and they love it.  Your children have learned a lot in their years of schooling so far.  What better way to showcase the work they did and the relationships they made during this important time of their lives?  Many schools choose a theme for their elementary school yearbooks such as outer space, numbers, helping hands, animals, nature or music.  This helps the children get involved in a yearlong project that they can work towards together and be proud of at the end of the school year.

In addition to the typical student and faculty photos, many schools get creative with yearbooks including things like class trip collages, after school programs, fundraising events, student poems and artwork, field day images, science fairs and even pages where the kids write about what they want to be when they grow up.

Don’t let these years pass you by without capturing those moments at school that help define the little person your child is becoming.  Elementary school yearbooks can help you cherish what your children have accomplished as they’re beginning to define where they’re headed.

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