Electronic Yearbook Design Tips

Back in the day, yearbook publishing was done all on paper mostly, believe it or not. There weren’t computers around to help with design. But these days, yearbook publishing is mostly done digitally. This can be a bit overwhelming for some people, but here are a few tips to get you started.


Pick a Good Design Tool

There are a lot of design tools available online these days, some of them free and some of them less free. But your school or institution will often have some available, or will be willing to purchase some to help. You in your yearbook publishing endeavors. Choosing the right tool is really a matter of what you’re comfortable using. For example, there’s Bookify. This program is more streamlined and simple and it’s often easier to use. If you just want a good, clean Yearbook that doesn’t have a lot of extras attached to it, this is a good program to use. This will obviously depend on what sort of institution you are making the book for, and how you plan on doing the yearbook publishing, of course.

Additionally, you can use something like Book Smart, which has drag and drop templates which are also pretty easy to use. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading manuals, drag and drop templates are almost always a good bet.


Use Single-Image Pages

It’s certainly a big temptation to consider putting tons of photos per page in a book, but it can help to just put one big image in some pages. This is often a lot more of an eye-draw than other methods, and it’s also a lot simpler to use for a layout when you’re bringing everything together in your electronic program.


Create PDFs

If you’re working with a huge group, it’s often a good idea to make a PDG. This is because it’s much easier to share with the group, and they can add notes that everyone else can use as well. Think about using collaboration software to help in this endeavor as well. For example, Google Docs can be a great way to get everyone on board with digital publishing. You can also use programs like Dropbox to make it easier for people to make minor changes to parts of a project such as a PDF file and then instantly update it for everyone else on the project.

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