Easy-to-do Yet Attractive Ideas for Yearbook Covers

Nowadays, pupils are beginning to take on more responsibilities in their elementary yearbooks while their teachers are also encouraging them to do so – and for good reasons, too.

Yearbook ideas from photo collages to so much more

Even working on the yearbook covers will boost their self-confidence in their abilities to actually become part of the annual’s creative process.
And speaking of covers on elementary school yearbooks, here are a few that teachers can suggest to their pupils as possible covers. Keep in mind that you will be making suggestions, providing guidance and generally just giving the young students inspiration for their possible annual covers.

Text Cover

Perhaps the easiest idea for yearbook covers is text – verses from poems, songs and mottoes related to the aspirations of the students and the vision of the school. It is relatively easy to find a suitable quote since there are many sources to choose from including books, magazines and even past yearbooks.

For example, the choices in text yearbook covers can include quotes like:

“Once when we were young”
“This is where we started to dream”
“Wherever we may go, we will always remember this”

You may even hold a contest among the pupils for the cover quote. The most important thing is that the students understand the quote and agree that it reflects their thoughts, aspirations and feelings about their elementary yearbooks.

If you chose text as a yearbook cover, be sure to use the most suitable font and its size. Go for the right balance between readability and flourish, which may mean choosing from between a calligraphic or a cursive text.

Photo Collage

Many elementary yearbook covers are made from photo collages of either the entire class or selected events in the school – or both, depending on the desired effect. But instead of replicating the photo contents in the inside pages of the yearbook, the photo collage can be made to look more collective than individualistic in nature.

For example, use the photos to form the school’s crest, slogan or any other desired image. These photos may even be used to form the background for the text. Just make sure that the photos have high resolution lest pixilation becomes an issue upon printing.

Student Artwork

Now, if the photos as part of the yearbook covers are not viable for any reason, you may want to feature student artwork. It is an excellent way to showcase the budding talents of your young artists from among the elementary students, too.

To keep the playing field fair, you can organize an art contest where all students can submit their entries on a blind basis. This means that the judges will choose the artwork based on its merits alone – composition, colors and compliance with the theme, among other criteria – instead of based on popularity. The entries can be submitted unmarked.

For the best yearbook covers, you may also want to combine two of the above mentioned ways. Think along the lines of a photo collage with the appropriate quote or a student artwork with a suitable quote, too. Words and images, when combined in the right manner, pack a wallop, after all!

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