Easy Photoshop Tricks For Your High School Yearbook

Ah, Photoshop. This is the extremely popular editing software that every Tom, Dick and Harry uses to fulfill his fantasies of being Adonis, Hercules and Brad Pitt – or Venus, Megan Fox and Miranda Kerr, for that matter with just a few clicks. Why not use it on your high school yearbook then to make everybody appear better on the photos than in real life?

Just don’t overdo it because your goal is make your classmates look like better versions of themselves. Just remove the red dot on the eyes as well as the blemishes on the face like large pimples, dark eye bags, and yellow teeth. Here are a few easy Photoshop tricks.

Redeye removal is the most common Photoshop trick used on any high school yearbook–unless your yearbook’s theme is the Twilight series, of course, but we advise you against it.

●Click on Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation Layer. This will create the
desired hue/saturation layer.
●Click on the mask icon – the white box – of the new Hue/Saturation layer and fill in with
●Paint white over the red in the subject’s eyes; use the brush tool for this purpose.
●Change the colors from “Master” to “Reds”. Then, lessen the saturation level to approximately 15% while increasing the lightness, which will remove both the red eye  effect and the shadows in the eyes.

You can also do this with the yellowish tint in the teeth and for minor blemishes on the face. Your classmates will think it cool that you have made them look better in your high school yearbook. Since your school yearbook will also feature photos of buildings, open areas and other landscape shots, you will love the shadow/highlight tool on Photoshop. You can quickly bring out the details from both dark and bright photos for which there are two default options – lightening dark shadows and darkening bright images. You can also click on “Show More Options” to bring up the detailed sliders including:

●Tonal Width for the degree of shadows in the photo
●Color Correction adjusts the color saturation
●Radius controls the blending of areas affected by the changes

While you are working on the theme, layout and design of your current high school yearbook, you can hone your skills in Photoshop. This should be easy considering your savvy skills in free photo editing software.As you gain more skills, you will be tempted to play around with the original shots until these are barely recognizable. Don’t give in too easily to the temptation because you have journalism ethics to think about, not to mention that you want the subjects and objects in the high school yearbook to actually look like the persons and structures in real life.

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