Do’s and Don’ts of Stellar Yearbook Photography

If you are the school yearbook photographer, chances are you are one busy person. You have a lot on your plate with all the different functions and activities you need to capture. This list of do’s and don’ts will help you get the best shots for your yearbook.


Do include candid shots in your yearbook photos. You want to get your classmates doing the things they do every day. Shoot in the lunchroom, the commons area, the classroom, anywhere that the students are.


Don’t take photos that will embarrass or humiliate people. Be respectful and kind. Remember, this is supposed to be fun for everyone. Don’t single people out and make fun of them or make them feel bad. That is not what this is all about.


Do take photos of special events. You want to have photos of the school dances, prom, homecoming, football games, championship games, tournaments and other activities. This means being where the action is and you may have to employ the aid of some of your classmates, but it is their yearbook too.


Don’t take photos that are dark or poorly lit. Try to have as much light as possible. Many of the photos will be in black and white (depending on your yearbook budget) and the lower the budget, the more black and white photos there will be.


Do leave a good deal of light space or white space for students to sign their photos. One of the fun things about yearbooks is signing your photo, especially the photos that are fun and candid. Leave room for signatures, or at least make the photos light enough so that the writing can be seen.


Don’t take photos of only your friends. Some yearbook photographers tend to gravitate to their friends and basically forget that the rest of the school would like to be in the yearbook too. It is fine to get some shots of your friends, but also get shots of people you don’t really know also. Who knows, you might make a friend or two in the process.


Do get shots of performance events that are done throughout the year. One purpose of a school yearbook is to show school life and performance events qualify even If they are off campus. Does your choir participate in the annual city Christmas pageant? Be there to get some shots of the performance.


Don’t go anywhere without your camera! A major challenge of any photographer is being where the action is. You need to be on top of school events as well as always keeping an eye out for interesting shots on campus.


Do have fun! This is your yearbook for your school. You are capturing memories.

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