Deployment Books Capture the Memories

Similar to yearbooks, deployment books capture the memories, not of your time in school, but of your time in the military. These are nice to have to cherish in the coming years, so you can remember all the people with whom you served. This captures the moments in which you were deployed on tour to the time your unit comes back home.


The United States Navy has been creating Navy cruise books since the 19th century. These early books were made during the days that included the Great White Fleet and the Spanish-American War. Today, the cruise books are a nice memento for the naval personnel, who that serve aboard ships and in various missions.

A publishing company for these books will help you design the book from cover to cover. It will take your choice of artwork and any other information and transform all of it into the pages of these books. The pages are produced on glossy paper to bring the colors to life.


The books are made from durable materials, so they will last for years and years. You will have your choice of covers and you can even design one on your own, if you like. Make sure to get the background and foil color, and suits your taste and needs. There are various styles of bindings that you can choose on top of the covers.


These books have a place for people to sing the books. This way, there are personal messages that are cherished over time included in the book once the owner receives it and has it signed by fellow unit members. Each owner’s name can also be individually engraved on these books for an extra fee.


The deployment books can be printed in black and white, or color. Sometimes black and white photos depict the events in a unique manner. Whichever way you choose to have the books printed is your personal preference.

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