Creative Selling Tactics for Elementary Yearbooks


Kids nowadays are discerning of their purchases with most preferring to buy toys and gadgets instead of elementary yearbooks and we certainly cannot blame them either. Yearbooks seem obsolete considering the prevalence of social networking sites like Facebook and of communication channels like video chats, text messaging and e-mails. But we should all know by now about the importance of yearbooks at any level including the fact that these social networking sites can easily shut down, thus, bringing along the online yearbook; think Friendster.

But who says you cannot encourage kids – and their parents, for that matter  to purchase the latest elementary yearbooks? Yes, you can with these creative selling tactics!


Use the Holidays

Everybody wants to get in on the freebie action especially during the holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Put such love for goodies to your advantage by including freebies for every purchase of the yearbooks.

You need not purchase expensive items for giveaways either. For as long as these items appeal to elementary kids during the holidays, then the giveaways are good to go. For example, you can place assorted candies into goody bags with tags as giveaways. Just make sure that you announce the giveaways by placing a sign next to the pile of elementary yearbooks so that the students can see the freebies.


Use Popular Games

Kids also love to play games, which sparks another selling idea. You can organize a game where everybody who purchases a yearbook can win a prize. Again, the prizes need not be expensive as these can be affordable yet useful items like notebooks, small toys and the like.

For example, you can hold a Plinko-kind of game. The prizes can range from coupons to a fast-food joint to small packs of candy. Just be sure to cross the students who bought the yearbook so as to avoid duplication.

The students will not only be excited to play the game but they will also generate the positive buzz that the present yearbook needs to boost sales.


Use Human Billboards

Elementary yearbooks can also be advertised by the individuals involved in the production – the students in the yearbook committee and other interested persons. You can organize a human billboard in high-traffic areas like the library, the cafeteria and the hallways.

You may even have a human billboard at the bus stop nearest the school so that parents can also be informed about the availability of the yearbook. After all, the parents are the ones who actually spend for the yearbooks in behalf of their children.


Use the School Mascot

Everybody can help in selling the annual publication and it includes the school mascot, if the school has one. The mascot can best be used during school fairs and assemblies by letting him stand beside the table selling the annuals and encouraging the students to purchase the items.

Other ideas in selling the elementary yearbooks include using signage in high-traffic areas pointing to the table where these are being sold, putting up a booth in the town fair, and even announcing on the local radio station – for free, of course.

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