Creative Ideas for Saving on Yearbook Costs

Are you looking for creative ways to raise funds for your yearbook staff? Is there an upcoming workshop that would be beneficial to the staff? Whether you need new equipment or just want to throw everyone a pizza party there is always room in the budget for more money! Here are a few creative ideas to get the ball rolling on your yearbook fundraising efforts.

In School Sales

Candy bars and Christmas wrapping paper are tried and true fundraising items, and there is some money to be made however most of the time these require parent involvement and are very time consuming, (especially wrapping paper). Some schools have had great success selling things like pens, pencils and flash drives to the student body. If you can find a good wholesale price on any of these items, you can rest assured they will sell.


Do you have someone especially talented with a digital camera on your yearbook layout team? If so, you may find you have an overabundance of great shots from various events, more than you could ever use in the yearbook. Instead of letting these images go to waste create a disc (DVD or Data) and sell them to the student body.

Another twist on this idea is to use a free online service to store and sell images. You can upload individual and group photographs and then sell them to interested family members. This is a great option for students who have family that live far away and cannot make it to the big game, graduation and other school events. You simply set a per image download fee, and watch your fundraising efforts take off!


There are several ways you can sell refreshments to raise money to help with yearbook costs. Before classes, start is a great time to offer muffins, hot chocolate or even coffee to students and staff. Of course, you will need to get permission for this type of fundraiser but it is yet another creative idea you can use all year long to continuously raise money.

Final Thoughts

Yearbook costs are not limited to the cost of materials and printing, training your staff, field trips and keeping the overall costs down on the finished product for students and family is also important. Which techniques you use will depend a great deal on the size of your school, local interests and school permission. In some areas, teens have been allowed to offer a moms night out, where for a small fee students would care for small children while mom enjoyed a couple of hours to herself!

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