Creative Fundraising Activities for Your Yearbook

The publication of any yearbook, whether it is a middle school yearbook or a high school yearbook, requires money.

There's so many ways to fundraise for your yearbook printing beyond a bake sale (but that's fine, too!)

The money will be used for the various aspects of conceptualizing, printing and selling the annual publication, of which the largest share of the pie goes to the actual fees paid to the printing company. The rest of the costs such as the photos, text and imagery in the pages are usually donated by the students and teachers along with the manpower necessary to produce the annual book.

The problem is: Money is tight. It then becomes imperative to use creative ways to persuade the students, parents and teachers – perhaps even the alumni and the community members – to part with their money for the good cause of publishing the yearbook.

Beauty Pageants of the Odd Yet Adorable Kind

If beauty pageants in the community can draw the crowds, then a school beauty pageant can also do the same thing. But you must veer away from the usual for-women only beauty pageants as these are already a dime a dozen, which means that there may be a lesser crowd coming in. Funding yearbooks through beauty pageants demand odd yet adorable shows.

Examples include:

• A beauty pageant showcasing the hunks and jocks of the school, which will showcase their natural abilities in front of an adoring crowd. Be sure to include the usual parts of a beauty pageant like the talent contest, live interview and modeling shows. This idea is more suitable for high school yearbooks than for elementary publications for obvious reasons.

• A beauty pageant where real boys dress, act and speak like drag queens. It takes an individual with a strong sense of his male sexuality to be involved in such a show so it should be fun watching it. Plus, it can also be a platform to strengthen tolerance for individuals with a different sexual orientation than the norm (i.e., gays and lesbians).

Besides, you can always post a few of the photos during the beauty pageant on the yearbook. Now that’s we can call memorable, indeed.

Use Photos on Merchandise

Your yearbook need not be all alone, so to speak. It can also be complemented with other merchandise that students, teachers, and alumni as well as parents can keep as part of their school-related memorabilia collection. For example, you can offer to print photos on T-shirts using iron-on transfers coupled with inkjet printers; think also of mugs, badges and even bags.

Even when buyers of the related merchandise do not purchase the yearbook itself for any reason, it’s still a win-win situation – they get the related merchandise and you get the money to finance the annual publication. You may even have the extra money to finance two more yearbooks in the future!

Other fun ideas for financing your yearbook for the present academic year are fun runs, bake sales and community carnivals. Put your heads together during brainstorming sessions and you are bound to come up with plenty of ideas to raise the money necessary to put out a great book for everybody while letting them become part of the production process, in a way.

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