Catchy Themes for Middle School Yearbook

With the popularity of movies like The Diary of A Wimpy Kid, the middle school yearbook has taken on added significance for many reasons. You want to remember your middle school years as one of the best times of your life, probably even better than your elementary and high school years, with your memories for everybody to see on your school yearbook.


Well, you should have a say on its theme! Here are a few themes used on other yearbooks that you can take inspiration from.


“Stand Out” was the theme for Westfield Middle School 2011-2012 yearbook, which was cited as a finalist in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Crown Awards. This was a celebration of the individuality of each student with its inside pages encouraging everybody with the words, “People, be yourself” and “Clubs, be involved”.


Extraordinary students were also celebrated in a few pages but the main thrust of the middle school yearbook was celebrating the uniqueness that binds the student and faculty body together.


“Think SMALL” was the theme adopted by the 2012 Wings staff of the Arrowhead Christian Academy, a private junior high and secondary school with just 418 students “Wings”, by the way, is the name of the school yearbook. But don’t underestimate the power of the theme. You will find that it celebrates the beauty of being small – for one thing, everyone has the opportunity to be friends with everybody and, for another thing, every student’s name can appear more than once in the pages of the middle school yearbook. Now that is something that cannot be said of larger schools and their yearbooks!


There are so many ways to play with the theme and the designers did so by:

  • Using scale and contrast on the title and end pages
  • Using close-up photos to anchor the text on the title page, which are then placed in the center of an otherwise white page.
  • Using words that denote small things yet mean bigger things in context. An example is the page on the students’ faith titled, “Mustard Seed. All It Takes Is a Little Faith”.


“Emerge” Just a single word for the theme of W.H. Burges High School in El Paso, Texas and yet all sorts of imagery come to mind. This is a theme with several connotations that can be explored in every page.



  • The title page shows two students appearing to pull out the school’s information.
  • The photos show students in various poses of emerging – or standing out, as it were.

You must think of creative ways that you can make a catchy theme for your middle school yearbook. You don’t even have to be poetic about it – just a single word will do – for as long as you can work with the theme.

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