A Conflation Of Memories, Accolades, Approbations And Feelings, An Yearbook Is Best Designed by Expressly-Yours

September 2, 2015
In a layperson's terminology, a yearbook is defined as 'a book defining whole year'. As the name suggests, this is a synthesis of all the events that have happened in an year that are collected in a form with... Continue reading

Yearbook – A Perfect Synthesis Of Your Memories In The Form Of Photographs & Words

August 7, 2015
A yearbook is a beautiful amalgamation of photographs and words published annually by an institution as a mark of newsletter. It is a collection of various cherished moments spent by people of that institution during the year, for which... Continue reading

Select The Most Optimal Software Best Suited To Your Yearbook Printing Requirements

June 20, 2015
Once you have collected all the pictures and information that needs to be included in the yearbook the next thing weighing on your mind would be how are you going to create the yearbook? There are several ways in which... Continue reading

The Making Of A Quality Elementary School Yearbook

April 7, 2015
There may be many publishing companies that claim to be the best as far as publishing of yearbooks is concerned but many such claims should be taken with a grain of salt. School yearbook publishing is a very specialized... Continue reading

Expressly Yours- One of the Best Yearbook Publishing Companies in the US

October 17, 2014
Yearbooks are one of the best ways to keep the memories of the years spent in school alive  for a lifetime. One school teacher tells us “While this gives the students an opportunity to relive the beautiful moments... Continue reading

Eternalizing Your Memories With a Yearbook

August 21, 2014
Thanks to printing technology, now it is so easy to look back into the past and relive & refresh those beautiful and memorable moments any time you wish. Let’s take, for example, yearbooks. These are the books that offer... Continue reading

Why IS Expressly Yours Your Most Reliable Cruisebook Publishing Company Online?

July 25, 2014
Being a part of Navy or any other armed forces brings with it a multitude of emotions and feelings of honor besides a sense of responsibility for the nation and a willingness to do something for your country. Right... Continue reading

We Print The Best Quality School Yearbooks

June 10, 2014
Get your high school yearbooks printed here at Expressly Yours Yearbooks. We have printed and published countless yearbooks for high schools, middle schools, elementary schools as well as colleges throughout the USA. We know that choosing the right yearbooks... Continue reading

Deployment Books Give An Insight Into The Lives Of our Soldiers

May 21, 2014
No sane human being on this planet would ever want to wage a war on anybody, for any reason whatsoever. But on many occasions such situations arise when there is no other option but to go to war. Even... Continue reading

Life In Military Can Now Be Easily Documented

April 17, 2014
Being in the military is a great honor. It is a life worth living. It is a life that is lived saving the lives of millions of people back home. Definitely, if you are in the military then you... Continue reading