Get Your Yearbook Published By The Most Proficient Publisher

February 5, 2014
School is the place where students spend the most precious years of their lives. It is the place where they learn some of the most important lessons of their lives. It is the place where they get trained to... Continue reading

Best Quotes For Elementary School Yearbooks

January 27, 2014
Elementary School Yearbooks, the basic requirement of the elementary schools is that of exceptional quality for a reasonable price. There are production companies of yearbooks, such as Expressly Yours, that specialize in providing yearbooks for high schools, middle schools... Continue reading

Deployment Books Capture the Memories

December 27, 2013
Similar to yearbooks, deployment books capture the memories, not of your time in school, but of your time in the military. These are nice to have to cherish in the coming years, so you can remember all the people... Continue reading

Some of the Biggest Yearbook Publishing Mistakes Made

December 23, 2013
Not all the yearbooks come out free of mistakes. Many have flaws throughout them that can take away from meaningfulness of these books. These flaws can range from boring photos to misprinted quotes, names or other textual elements. Below... Continue reading

Yearbook Layout Tips

December 20, 2013
  A yearbook should be fun, interesting and something to treasure for years to come. It should have engaging photos and content that are of interest to the students. Along with these things, the Yearbook Layout is equally important. If... Continue reading

Selecting the Best Pictures for a Yearbook

December 19, 2013
  Selecting the best pictures for a yearbook is even more important than placing the right Yearbook Quotes in these books. The best efforts for a book like this will fall flat if the wrong photos appear in it. Why... Continue reading

Encourage Your School to Become Involved with Yearbooks

December 17, 2013
Memories to remember in yearbooks provide a wonderful documentation of events that happened in a particular year at school. This allows the students, who purchase them to look back over the year and reminisce about all the fun they... Continue reading

Yearbook Distribution Tricks and Tips

December 12, 2013
Yearbooks aren't any good if you don’t get them out into people’s hands. This is the same for deployment books, Navy cruise books, or anything that is similar. As a result, it can sometimes be tricky to make sure... Continue reading

Tips for Finalizing Yearbooks

December 9, 2013
Unfortunately, selling a yearbook is part of the whole process, since the costs don’t pay for themselves and the budget of your institution may not be able to cover all of it. Plus it can be a good way... Continue reading

Electronic Yearbook Design Tips

December 6, 2013
Back in the day, yearbook publishing was done all on paper mostly, believe it or not. There weren’t computers around to help with design. But these days, yearbook publishing is mostly done digitally. This can be a bit overwhelming... Continue reading