Are Your Pictures Appropriate For Navy Cruise Books?

Before you submit your finalized navy cruise books for publication, you may want to take the opportunity to run your deployment book layout past a few superior officers. Eager soldiers commonly get carried away when they are designing and planning out their cruise books. This over-zealousness can easily lead to inappropriate pictures finding their way into your layout design.


There will always be pictures of things that aren’t appropriate for any publication associated with the military. We here at Expressly Yours are by no means implying that you have photographs that the public shouldn’t be permitted to see. What we are talking about are those questionable photographs taken during your service that perhaps shouldn’t be associated with your, or someone else’s military career.


That time that you and your friends got drunk and had a party in your underclothes? While it definitely was a good time, and one you should remember forever, it probably doesn’t need to be attached to the military’s name in the form of photographs published in your cruise books. These are the situations we’re speaking of.


Your navy cruise books should be a collection of photographs and explanations that highlight the best of your time in service. You should include photographs of the men and women who served alongside you while you valiantly served your tours of duty. Photographs of every person, their rank, and the awards that they won go without saying for inclusion in your deployment book.


Of course, there will be the photographs of time off that you want to include as well. These photographs should be tastefully chosen, representing the military well in their setting and themes. It is appropriate to show times of joy and celebration, including weddings, photos of adopted pets, and other fun times in your navy cruise books. However, you shouldn’t include any incriminating scenes that could damage others people’s careers.


When it comes to pictures of battles that you were in, you must take care that you only include photographs that are appropriate for the cruise books setting. As a general rule, you will want to avoid any pictures of actual violence, including blood stains or casualties.


You must likewise be concerned about classified materials showing up in these, and all, of your photographs. That map on the back wall behind the picture of you and your friends giving one another bunny ears may contain classified deployment locations. The exact size of the stash of weapons found in a small outlying town may likewise qualify as restricted material. It is your responsibility to make sure that these items don’t show up in your deployment book.


The best way to make certain that everything is kosher in your photographs is to run your finished navy cruise books layout past your superior officers before it heads out for even a test print. By verifying that all of your photographs have clearance, you can keep your own backside out of the proverbial fire.

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