Allowing Navy Cruise Books To Speak For Themselves

For sailors, it is a real honor being able to serve in the United States Navy. It gives them the opportunity to serve their country and the citizens that are the reason it exists. Along with that, they also get the chance to build a lot of memories of time spent on their assigned ship, as well as various places throughout the world. There is no better way of celebrating these memories than with a serviceman’s personal Navy Cruise Books.

Cruise books are very much the same as high school and college annuals because they contain photos of each individual on the same mission. Photos include men and women in formal as well as casual settings. They often are in full Navy attire, but there are also some of personnel taken in combat or casual scenes. Each one is complete essays and articles along with descriptions pertaining to the cruise. By capturing the memories for service persons and setting them in print these special people can enjoy over and over again the feeling of pride they have because they served the country well.

With the incredible importance and value placed on Navy Cruise Books, it is important that those creating them not fall into the trap of mediocrity. The following tips should help prevent that from happening.

• Begin by dividing the Cruise Book into three separate sections. Those sections should be titled; Legacy, Leadership, and Life. This will ensure that content relating to each is grouped accordingly to make it easier to read.

• The Legacy section should contain historical information about the men and the ship and items such as newsletters, press releases, broadcasts and the official annual report for the ship can be included here as well as honors and awards that were given to the crew and vessel.

• The Leadership section is where photos and biographies of officers should be placed along with any messages from them.

• The Life section is where information about the life of the service men and women should be placed. This is actually the core of any Navy Cruise Book because it contains more detail about the activities of personnel. That means there should be information about training, deployment, activities and of course their return home. Photos should be allowed to tell the bulk of the story, but captions are important to reinforce what is being portrayed.

Anyone in charge of creating this very important book should take the time to make sure that the men and women who served can continue to feel honored that they were part of the incredible United States Navy.

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