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So, you have been assigned to the school yearbook committee but you are a greenhorn at the job. You have plenty of questions – where to start, what to do, and who to call. Your head may even be having a headache just thinking about following the footsteps of the memorable yearbooks your school has produced in the past. Before your head starts to explode, think of looking for a reliable yearbook company first. Think of it this way: When you have professionals on your team, your middle school yearbook or your high school yearbook will be better for it.


Besides, establishing a good working relationship with the best yearbook publishing company early on will work to your benefit. We must say that we are the best yearbook company in the business today. Our confidence stems from our track record in delivering the best yearbooks from the elementary to the college levels as well as navy cruise books and military cruise books.


Take a look at these testimonials from our satisfied customers and know why we stand behind our statement:


“Thank you for the books—they are great! Way better than the past yearbook publisher and I must say, the service has been


These glowing words are from Liz Gabel of Thornell Road Elementary School in Mendon, New York. Theirs was just a few of the elementary yearbooks we have published through the years.


“Thank you for delivering the yearbooks this morning! They are beautiful! … Thanks for all the extra work you had to put into our book. It looks great.”


The All Saints Academy in Rochester, New York expressed their thanks to our yearbook company, too.As Martha Grant said, we pour in the extra time, energy and effort into the publications, whether these are for the yearbook design or the yearbook layout.


The cruise books were delivered on time yesterday. The look GREAT! Thank you so much for all of your help and patience with me! I couldn’t be happier with your service and product, thanks again!”


That’s music to our ears because a deployment book carries so much history not just for the men and women in it but for the nation, too. We strive to tell the story of the men and women in the service and, in so doing, also tell the history of our great nation. You will be surprised at the pride and joy of our servicemen upon receiving their deployment books just as you feel the same way with your annuals. Obviously, you will only know how well we can serve your needs as the best yearbook company when you hire us. Do so now and let’s take the journey from the yearbook covers to the end pages!

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