A New Twist On Page Allotments For Your High School Yearbook

You’re on the yearbook creation team at your high school, and you know that you need to make this year’s yearbook the best that it can be. You’ve got to find a way to make last year’s high school yearbook seem like a pile of garbage. But the Powers That Be in your school have given you a strict page limit for your yearbook company to print, and it’s sucking all the life out of the creative process.


We here at Expressly Yours want to be the yearbook company that helps students get the most out of their page allotments. We would suggest that you go about deciding on these pages in the following method.


1.  Determine how many pages your yearbook is permitted. Get this solid number from your instructor.

2. Take over one of the classroom walls for layout space. Don’t do this on the board, as tape and boards don’t get along very well. Cutting sheets of paper into 1/4 sheets, tape the right number of 1/4 sheets to the wall to represent each page in your yearbook.

3.  Calculate how many of these pages will be used by student pictures. How many pictures of freshmen through juniors can you fit on each page? How many pages will this ultimately require?

4. Calculate senior picture space. Seniors generally get bigger pictures than the underclassmen do, so fewer fit on each page.

5.  Write on individual sheets of paper what they will be used for. Freshmen Pics, Sophomore Pics, Senior Pics, etc. When you have these written, those pages will be assigned. Now, you can see how many pages are left to work with.

6.  Consider the traditional pages. Some schools enjoy senior baby pictures. Others show off photos of everyone in certain clubs. Assign these pages as needed. If you want to put more than one club on a page, go ahead and write it in that way.

7.  How many pages are left, and how many events are there to cover this year? Does homecoming get a half page or a two whole pages? What about the winter dance? Spring break? Consult your school calendar and get these pages assigned now.

8.  The pages that are left will be those that you can devote to random fun that happens at your school.

9.  Rearrange these taped up pages as needed to finalize your high school yearbook layout.

Perhaps a full page spread of a single photograph will make a bold statement about that event’s importance. Maybe your high school yearbook has room for various pep rallies to be covered. Use some of the remaining space for the fun dress-up days and other silly traditions that make high school interesting.

Check back with your yearbook company often for even more advice on how to get the best use out of your yearbook layout, and make your high school yearbook as amazing as it can be this year.

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