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High and Elementary School Yearbooks
High and Elementary School Yearbooks
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Printing Yearbooks Ideas
Printing Yearbooks Ideas
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Expressly-Yours is a yearbook publishing company that simply believes in quality at the most economical of prices. We also publish yearbooks for organizations, clubs and teams. Our niche as a yearbook printing company is specializing in yearbook publishing for groups who are looking for 750 books or less. Your yearbooks can be published in black & white, color or a combination of both. We are a school yearbook publisher that understands the deep emotional bond shared between the student and the school. Our yearbook team will walk that extra mile to find a yearbook option that fits your budget and impresses students and parents alike. The exact price quote for your school’s yearbook printing and publishing services will be provided to you. Expressly- Yours Yearbooks is one of the premier Yearbook publishing Company in the country.

It is not surprising that people have a desire to keep alive memories of the special times they spent in school. A School yearbook is a perfect way to make that happen. But in order to get quality keepsake yearbooks published, you need a yearbook printing company that can do justice to your memories. Among numerous yearbook printing companies you will find that we, Expressly-Yours Yearbooks simply stands tall. Our company specializes in high school, middle school and elementary school yearbook publishing and yearbook printing.
Cruise Books and Deployment Books
Cruise books have been a part of the military tradition since the 19th century. In the present times they are a wonderful way of capturing your unit's journey from deployment to the day you return home. It is an excellent way to create a permanent history of your ship's cruise or your unit's deployment. As a premier yearbook publishing company, our professionally produced cruisebooks and deployment books will be kept as souvenirs by service men and women and their families for years to come.

Printing Company

We are the only school yearbook company that caters to almost all the varying requirements of the schools of all sizes. Some of the features of the yearbooks printed by us are:
Short Run Printing
We can print orders as small as 25 yearbooks.
Free Endsheets!
All of our school yearbooks include multiple high-quality pages for classmates to sign.
Free Personalization!
We offer free name personalization on the front of all soft cover books.
Many Cover & Binding Options
We offer a variety of options of hard cover yearbooks that include pre-designed covers.
Exceptional Printing Quality
Our technology guarantees the best product in the market.
Accurate Press Proof
An exact prototype of your yearbook pages is sent to you before we go to press. Once your approval is received, your yearbooks would arrive in approximately 30 days.

Among all of the yearbook publishing companies we are different, as we have created a unique niche for ourselves. Our experience and passion for our work separates us from the rest.
Flexible Yearbook
Publishing Plans

Yearbook Fusion
Easily design and produce a yearbook using our template system.

Desktop Publishing
Work with any desktop publishing program of your choice.

Create page artwork through the traditional cut and paste method.

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    We received the books. THEY LOOK GREAT! The cover is awesome, and all of the changes are perfect! Thanks again for everything.
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